Welcome to Cassandra

Cassandra is a large moon orbiting the gas giant Ouranos. It is home to diverse alien flora and fauna that evolved over millions of years, as well as a created species that resemble humans on earth.

(For the sake of my sanity, this project currently focuses on a single area on this moon: Promethea)

This website is a learning process, I have never played with code before and have no idea what I'm doing! Prepare for links to pages with nothing and stuff scattered around in random stops while I sort everything out haha. For project information here is the Promethea tag on my tumblr

(WIP) more info is slowly being added to this page!

About the Author

I have a few different names, I'm known by most as Roach, or Wilbur :)

I make art! I made the art in the background of this site and you can find some more in the links below ;)

I like science and making stories, and I've been working on Promethea for about 6-7 years now!

I also have a dog, maybe I'll find a picture of her to post later

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